60 Days

My experience this year…
I was on the fence about signing up for the Lurong Paleo Challenge this year. I honestly didn’t really think I needed it. But, then I took some more time to think about things and realized that the small changes the challenge would force me to me were the ones I needed the most. 
#1) I needed to stop drinking margaritas on the weekends
#2) I needed to stop with the dark chocolate and paleo treats every day
#3) I need to feel better and detox 
#4) I needed to do this with others for support 
Ding, ding, ding, I signed up once again. 

My results were not as dramatic as last year, but I was kind of expecting that. I trained harder than ever over the last year and have put on muscle which I was determined NOT to lose. I ate more than I was eating last year which allowed for a more demanding training schedule. I even set some PRs during this time. 

I am happy that I participated in the challenge again this year. It really helped to reinforce that small changes make a big difference. It helped me to evaluate my goals as a CrossFit athlete and allowed me to once again feel healthy; like a machine running on optimal fuel. I feel great at the end of 60 days. It went by really fast. 

My favorite part of the challenge this year was no about me, though. I had a much better time watching others make changes and succeed and helping them along the way if they needed it. If you participated in the challenge, and saw it through until the very end, you should be proud of yourself. There were some amazing accomplishments at The Fort CrossFit which were a result of people eating better. No doubt in my mind.

My plan for the weeks to come is to continue to eat clean and train hard. I had a little bit of chocolate and it was delicious, of course. I have been reminded of how much better life is when I run on clean fuel and I will try to remember that at the holiday gatherings where I am faced with the cookie buffets and seemingly endless stash of wine bottles.

Here are the pictures from this year.

Beginning to the halfway point…


Day 1 – Day 30: My face was so puffy!
Day 1 – Day 30
Day 1 – Day 30: This one just about says it all.
Final Results…
Day 1 – Day 60: I can finally wear my pink PR shorts again. YES!
Day 1 – Day 60
Day 1 – Day 60
Let’s keep going.
Do the shopping and prep….…Create the meals…
…and see the results.

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