A Little Update

Less than 2 weeks left of the Lurong Challenge scares me. What scares me is A) How quickly the past 6 weeks went by and B) What is going to happen when the challenge is over? Last year I went on a major rant about how I didn’t want people to fall off the wagon. While I have the same sentiments this year I don’t have the same energy to go on the same rant. I hope that by now you have made the choice to continue to eat this way as a lifestyle and not just for the sake of the challenge. I hope you are feeling better and looking better because I know I am. Enough about that. Stay tuned for my challenge wrap-up post in a few weeks.

I’m reeally into flavored coffee lately. Warmth!
I am totally obsessed with leg warmers. Who knew these would be coming back around on the style wheel of life!? It’s awesome. For a person who is always cold, leg warmers are just one more weapon to add to my arsenal for the upcoming winter months. Along with shirts that have a thumb hole, leg warmers might be one of the coolest things ever. I also bought and electric blanket. I crank that baby up about a half hour before bedtime and when I climb in it’s like crawling into warm cocoon. I turn it off when I sleep because sleeping with electricity running all over my body kind of freaks me out. I’m sure it’s completely safe, but I just don’t feel that need for that yet. Maybe when it’s 10 below.
Can you guess where I am?

How about those Red Sox!? It would be better if the games were on at 6pm instead of 8. Then, maybe, I could watch one. I tried to watch the game on Saturday night, but I was asleep on the couch by 9:30. It’s sad. I guess I could force myself to stay awake tonight so I can watch them win the World Series. I mean, tomorrow is my rest day. But I will be so pissed if they lose…they had better not lose. GO RED SOX!

Now we know why we find lumberjacks sexy. Or is it just me?

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