The New Year 2017

Before the New Year even comes we are bombarded with messages from diet, fitness and “health” companies usually trying to sell us a product or service that will make us smaller, tighter, and less fat than we were in the previous year.

It’s bullsh*t. Pardon my language, but I am just so sick of it. Ever single stinkin’ year it’s the same thing. The sad part is that it’s absolutely brilliant. At a time when we are feeling so guilty, not to mention bloated, from all the holiday treats and festivities, these companies come at us with ads and commentary about “New Year, New You”. It sucks.

As a health professional I even feel the pressure. I have practiced shutting these messages out for years and it helps me a ton mentally, but they are still there. Hearing and seeing these ads, whether on TV, radio, or in social media makes us feel like we are not good enough just as we are, like we need to be smaller or more fit, or that the extra body fat that we might have is unsightly and needs to go away…and fast!

Most of these products or programs cost money. Many people spend their money without giving it a second thought because they want to do whatever it takes to feel less guilty and bloated and they think they will be happy once those extra pounds are gone. The problem is that for true health and fitness there is no magic bullet, or challenge, or potion, or “fix”, that’s going to remedy it all. The truth, and the message we should be hearing, is that for true health and fitness we must do the work. 

You must eat a well-balanced, nutrient-rich assortment of foods. You must move your body; whether in a gym, outside, or in your home. You must have a support system and social network that encourages you. You must do this all consistently, making it your lifestyle and not something that’s optional or temporary.

That, my friends, is where the magic happens. It’s not with a pill or fancy shake. Those things can act as external motivators for some time and may in fact get you started, but the romance will wear off. If your desire to feel better and to take control of your health and wellness does not come from inside of you, you can almost guarantee it will be as temporary as the infomercial about stubborn belly fat.

For a long time I searched and searched for a way to get the perfect body, not realizing that there is no such thing. I have been through this journey and continue to learn about myself each and every day. I feel armed with the tools I need to hear all the noise around me but not let it get too far into my thoughts. I have practiced intuitive exercise and eating and I have found the magic there, along with a sense of health and well-being that took over 10 years to discover.

My wish for all of you in 2017 is that you find something that truly motivates you to want health for the body that you have right now. Whether it’s CrossFit, yoga, running, finding new healthy recipes to cook, or learning a new sport. If you’d like to chat with me more about health goals you might have or about where you are in you fitness journey I’d be thrilled to do so! Simply fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Coach Ash and her pup, Chip!


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