Weekly Update

I apologize for the hiatus in blogging. It’s been crazy-busy around The Fort these days. We have two new batches of amazing On-Rampers; one just finished up last week and the other began on Monday. I am so excited to have so many new faces in the gym. If you see the noobs around the gym, please introduce yourself and chat for a bit.

Last weekend Kyle and I spent both days at a CrossFit Gymnastics certification course. CrossFit 110 in Chelmsford, MA hosted. What a great weekend. The cert was very personal, with lots of attention and personalized learning. We moved all weekend and there was very little sitting time. I haven’t been this sore in my hamstrings and triceps in a long time. I’m not even going to mention how fried my core was…it was about 14 hours of holding a hollow position, so you can just imagine. We have already implemented some of what we learned into our classes and the On-Ramp Program. I highly recommend this certification to anyone interested.

There is a competition this weekend at CrossFit Free in Salem, NH. The Fort has three teams competing. Dana & JP, Kyle & Brittany, and Jameson & I will bring our A-games on Saturday to go up against some great teams. If you’re looking for something to do, come on over to watch. Or you can follow the live streaming updates at this link https://crossfit-free.theboxhq.com/events/team-competition. Ky and Britt are The Velociraptors; Dana and JP are Going H.A.M.; and Jameson and I are The Casual Penguins. Remember CP?

I bet CP likes this cold weather!

For those of you who don’t know the story…This picture was from the last partner competition I did at CF Free back in June. The burpee broad jumps got the best of me. Thankfully my awesome partner (thanks, J) pretty much carried our performance through this portion of the WOD as I nearly passed out in the parking lot. Burpee broad jumps have come back to haunt me. This time I have to do them with dumbbells in my hands combined with a thruster. Sweet. Practiced those this morning and they suck, but the scene depicted above will not happen again. HAH!

Anyone else noticed that they are getting stronger? I sure am. I am psyched about that. I have been lifting heavier, consistently, which is awesome. Eating more helps, too. And I’m doing that as well. The Whole30 has been great for outlining the good food choices, I’ve just ratcheted up the amounts. More protein and definitely more carbs – mostly in the form of sweet potatoes. Yum. If I don’t eat enough carbs I am not happy. Speaking of the Whole30…I have 7 days left. That three weeks certainly flew by. I would recommend the Whole30 program for anyone looking for a challenge and/or to jump start any food or body composition-related goals. If you’re interested, buy the book It Starts With Food and get reading!

So that’s what this week has been like so far. Hope your week is going well. Keep perfecting that air squat!

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