Life this Week

What’s up!? This is a quick and random little post to let you know what’s up in my world this week. A few things.

Down with the sickness. Have you noticed how everyone is sick. Ew. I feel so lucky to have dodged the bullet so far (knock on wood), and I’m upping the ante by adding some things to my daily ritual to continue staving off the creepy crawlies. The first is drinking lemon water. Thank you, Dana and Jameson for inspiring this trend. I’m not sure if it actually makes a difference, but it tastes damn good. I would bet that the extra vitamin C along with adequate hydration helps to boost the ol’ immune system. I’ve also been trying to get a lot of sleep by taking a quick catnap in the afternoon if I have time and by getting my ass to bed before 10pm. Thank you to everyone who has been wiping down their equipment post-WOD. Killing the bugs in the gym is much appreciated. Please, do not come to the gym if you are sick.

PRed my snatch. I was really psyched to lift on Wednesday. I get psyched to lift most of the time because it is fun and challenging. After about 2 hours of lifting, it was a lift big, eat big day. Anyway, it just felt right and I ended up with a 5lb. personal best on my snatch. I had to really work to get myself prepared for a few of my lifts. I danced around a little bit, took some big breaths, literally told myself to do it by saying (out loud), “Come on!” And voila, there I was, under the barbell, shoulders punched up, elbows locked out, deepest squat I could get. Sweet. It’s always a good day when you PR your snatch. Congrats to all other Fort Monsters who earned personal bests on Wednesday – it was PR City!

Created a bunch of CP Memes. This was purely for entertainment purposes. If you know CP, you know that he is one funny guy. When he made his penguin suit debut, he pulled at my comedic heartstrings and immediately became one of the best sources of comedic relief I’ve seen in a while. The best part about CP is that he gets as big a kick out of himself as I do aaannnnd he just about always has a smile on his face. Guess what, ladies…he’s single! Enjoy.

And I leave you with this: Something to get your blood pumping.
row 500m
10 air squats
10 push ups
5 pull ups (strict)
row 250m
10 overhead squats w/ PVC
10 ring rows (horizontal)
5 ring dips
10 burpees

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