Never Ever Give Up

So you know that feeling in certain WODs where you’re working so hard you literally do not know if you can physically push any harder? What do you do? What do you tell yourself in that moment? How do you push through that point; that point of almost – dare I say – wanting to give up?

I thought about this topic many times going into this week at The Fort CrossFit. Soon after I’d posted Monday’s WOD on Facebook the comments began to roll in. “50 burpees!? 40 box jumps!? 30 pull-ups!? In a row? Really!? Can I partition them in any way?” I know that’s what some people were thinking. It looked bad (difficult), right? It sure did. As I prepared to WOD on Monday I thought about the other times I’d done these movement in high reps. “I got this, it won’t be as bad as it looks,” I though to myself. It wasn’t that bad. 

I knew what the WOD was going to be on Tuesday. Much more taxing, mentally and physically. Four rounds for time 30 double-unders, 20 calorie row, 400 meter run. Talk about LUNGS! Blah! This, to me, looked like a big mountain to get over. I knew I could get over it though. And I did. But what about that feelingThe last time I got “the feeling” was during “DT” a few weeks back. About half way through with a 95 pound bar, and many reps to go, I thought to myself, “How the f*ck am I going to finish?!” My next thought was, “Get your head in the game and JUMP!” And that’s what I did. I changed my mindset from contemplating my ability to finish this hero WOD to knowing that I was strong enough and I would finish. After 14:55 I was done; bruised and sweating.

When I watch others WOD and I see in their eyes that they’re having the feeling I try to encourage them with the cues I know and love. But more than that I hope that they can find something within themselves that will allow them to push through and forge ahead; to change their mindset, get back to the bar, and JUMP! Although it’s difficult to formulate coherent thoughts during tough WODs, motivation can come from remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing. Why are you there on that day? Definitely not to quit mid-workout, I can guarantee that! Yesterday when I was on my third trip up the hill, running the 400m, I was thinking about Navy SEALs who’ve been killed on missions which protect our freedom to actually have CrossFit boxes and communities, and participate in these “crazy” WODs. Why Navy SEALs? I don’t really know, but in that moment my thoughts about those guys made my feet turn over just a little faster. What makes you go faster; push through “the feeling”; never ever give up?

Big Dave might be having “the feeling”!

When it all boils down, however, it’s really very simple: you just have to do the work.

I would love to read your strategies for getting past “the feeling”. Please post thoughts to comments!

3 thoughts on “Never Ever Give Up

  1. Jody Hawkins says:

    I honestly think about my nephew Joey that we lost at the age of 19, 3 and a half years ago. He lived a short life, but it was a hell of a life, and I miss him dearly each day that I am still here. Everytime I get that “feeling”, I think of him standing there watching his “auntie” completing some amazing tasks. He would be there cheering me on if he could, and he would want his aunt to kick ass. Thats what I think of when I get that feeling!

  2. Kyle Rochefort says:

    I love the Hero/SEAL thoughts. Just look up at Nate. That's extremely motivating. Also, I love CFNE's saying “Embrace The Pain.”

    I watched the movie They Grey the other night and this poem was good.

    “Once more into the fray
    Into the last good fight I'll ever know
    Live and die on this day
    Live and die on this day.”

    Obviously, we're not going to die. It feels like it though! I love this mindset. Just embrace the WOD and get moving!

  3. Deanna Bower says:

    I guess I just go someplace else in my head. I don't think of anything specifically just know that I will push myself and not stop moving because that isn't going to get me anywhere, or done with the WOD, or any results. Why stop, unless of course, which is unlikely, you are really going to die!?

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