A Day in My (food) Life

Since the Paleo Lifestyle Challenge is upon us, I figured it would be a good time post my food journal – with pictures! I’ve also answered some questions and attempted to explain things in a bit more detail at the bottom of the page. 

Early morning/pre-WOD | 1 fried egg, 1/2 apple, coffee with coconut milk (from can)
Post-WOD | Egg white protein shake (1/4 c protein + 8oz. almond milk)
Late morning/Early afternoon | 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil with spinach, more coffee with coconut milk
Late afternoon | 2-3 cups kale salad, 3-4oz. roasted chicken, toasted slivered almonds
Night | Fish Tacos with chipotle slaw and avocado
  1. How much protein and fat? This has taken some time to experiment with, but I have learned how much protein and fat I need at each meal to not feel super-hungry between meals. Typically it’s 3-4oz. protein and as far as fat goes – I cook my eggs in coconut oil and add olive oil and nuts/seeds to salads. Also, the canned coconut milk I add to my coffee is a good fat source. Occasionally I will add avocado to whatever I am eating. I add fat based on the leanness of the protein; leaner meat = add more fat.
  2. How much carbohydrate? Like the protein and fat, I have played around with how much carbs (fruits and veggies) I eat daily. It usually depends on my workout schedule as I will try to have a little bit more carbs on the days I work out. Most of my carbs are consumed after I WOD. 
  3. Where are the snacks? I don’t feel the need to eat snacks between meals because my meals are large enough to sustain me until the next meal. If I feel hungry to the point of needing to eat before my next meal it usually means I didn’t eat enough protein and/or fat at the previous meal. If I snack it’s usually some veggies, a few nuts, and some meat. If I want a treat I will sometimes buy a Larabar. 
  4. Egg white protein/Post-WOD nutrition. The almond milk I mix with my egg white protein is NOT paleo, but it is delicious and makes me happy. The almond milk and coconut milk that come in the cartons is very processed, some are flavored, and most contain sugar. Anyway, I mix 4 oz. of Silk Chocolate Almond Milk with 4oz. of vanilla or plain almond milk. I eat this because I work out at 8am and coach at 9am. It’s really easy and convenient to mix a shake, drink it, and move on. Ideally, I would eat REAL FOOD (protein + carbs) after I work out. It’s really important to take in protein and carbs after a WOD. Suggestions for post-WOD meal: apple sauce, hard-boiled eggs, roasted chicken, banana, sweet potato.
  5. Eating before the WOD. Since I typically WOD in the morning I don’t have enough time to eat a full meal, but I do make sure to eat a little bit of protein and carbs before the workout. Usually that’s a fried egg and half a piece of fruit. I give myself at least one hour between eating and wodding. I used to WOD in a completely fasted state and it just wasn’t working out. I felt weak and lethargic. It means getting out of bed a little earlier, but I’ve seen improvements in performance and how I feel since adding the pre-WOD meal. Other suggestions for pre-WOD meal: apple sauce, hard-boiled eggs, roasted chicken, banana.
  6. Hydration! Drinking fluids is really important, especially if you’re more active. Water is pretty much the only thing I drink daily (besides coffee which contributes to fluid intake, but can dehydrate you). Being dehydrated can increase feelings of hunger, negatively affect physical and mental performance, and sap your energy. I drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day. I use a 1-liter bottle so I know that I need to get through at least 2 of those to be on track. I also really enjoy seltzer water, especially the mandarin flavored one from Hannaford. It’s a good idea to make water your beverage of choice. If it’s boring to you add some lime or lemon slices.

Note: This is what works for me. This is what I do, but it’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all deal. You have to treat yourself as an experiment and play around with what works for your body. I journal my food all the time so I know how what I eat affects me. 

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