Yesterday was an absolute 10. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. A little breeze.

As I drove down main street I couldn’t help but notice all the colors: green, purple, burgundy, yellow, white, so bright and vivid against the clear blue sky. I felt a sense of happiness. THIS is what we wait for. Through the raw, dreary and drizzle-filled days, we slog through to get to Spring in New England. There’s nothing like it.

The animals were happy as well. I saw a Baltimore oriole, a huge hawk, new calfs, goslings with their parents, and lots of chickens around yards. I’m not sure if it was because I was out around town more than usual, but I just saw so much life – everywhere.

I have to think that it was the sunshine and the weather. It’s this force that comes out to recharge our batteries after the dark and cold winter. I was so thankful for that yesterday. Grateful, I guess, is the right word. Sometimes it takes a little sunshine to see the things you’ve been missing.


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