Weekend Update

This past weekend was damn-near perfect. Had a great training session at the gym on Saturday morning. Snatching is continuing to improve and building some power snatches into EMOMs has been helping me get comfortable. For breakfast, I got to enjoy my new favorite, Mancakes! It’s essentially gluten free pancake mix with whey protein built in. I like to add banana and some chocolate chips. What a great treat and alternate breakfast option. Because, sometimes eggs get old.



Saturday afternoon we headed to The Loop to see American Sniper. Wow, has that place changed. Apparently now you have to book your seats ahead of time. Gone are the days where you can just stroll in and choose your seats – with a popular movie, anyway. And the seats…they are not just seats anymore. They are electronic leather recliners which adjust to your comfort level. It all seemed a bit gluttonous, but it was pretty awesome and made the theater experience exciting.

American Sniper was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. It was entertaining but also very thought provoking. I’ve never experienced the profound silence that resonated in the theater once the credits rolled. All I could think about was all the stupid complaints and shit that I whine about on a daily basis. It’s ridiculous to think about it. Complaining about the weather, or that I’m tired, or sore. It’s like …yes, but you’re alive. You get to experience the weather, your get to have a great job, you get to work out and feel soreness. Chris Kyle’s story is one that everyone should know and respect. Today is the two-year anniversary of his death, so let’s all remember The Legend today.

Enjoying his reclining seats and junior mints.

Enjoying his reclining seats and junior mints.

Before the movie we stopped by one of our favorite restaurants, Plaza Azteca. I wouldn’t say I love the food there, it’s not the best, certainly not the worst either. It’s the margaritas I go for. I enjoy 1-2 drinks each week so I like to make them count. An icy cold marg with a little salt on the rim does the trick. And chips and salsa is my favorite snack of all time, so it’s a win-win. Also, at Plaza, I like the atmosphere and the large booths in the bar area are comfortable, roomy, and private. Atmosphere has a lot to do with my rating of restaurants. It could be the best food ever, but if the surroundings suck, I am not comfortable and I can’t fully enjoy the experience.

New option at Plaza. Not sure I'd be into it, but A+ for creativity. Class AND refreshing!

New option at Plaza. Not sure I’d be into it, but A+ for creativity. Class AND refreshing!

On Sunday I got a bunch of food prep done and spent some time reading for the nutrition course I am taking through OPEX. It’s another module in the process of completing all of the level 1 coaching courses. I’m currently reading a book about food intolerance, sensitivity and allergies and it is so interesting. Gotta keep learning!

In the afternoon we went snow shoeing in the Sandown Town Forest. Those trails are awesome. I have been exploring those woods since my childhood and now they have been enhanced by a true trail system. It’s so nice to go out to explore the different trails. Thankfully most of the trails were packed down because that snow is deep! Talk about a workout. We sat on the bench at The Cliffs and took in some sun. It’s hard to get vitamin D naturally in the doldrums of winter. I really appreciate my snow shoes this time of year for helping me to get outside. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to be able to do an outdoor activity this time of year. All you need is the snow shoes, some warm boots, and a bunch of layers of warm clothing (no cotton). Oh, and some good trails help!


Then, at night, the Patriots won the Super Bowl. I’m sure you all know plenty about that. #gopats

And now, more snow.

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