Learning. It’s what we do. If we are not learning, we are not growing. If we are not challenging ourselves to learn and reach out of our comfort zones we become stagnant and complacent and just keep going through the motions. To avoid the complacency and boredom, we set goals for ourselves. Even if we do not label them goals we have certain aims for our lives; our days; and even our hours.

Last week  Kyle and I were able to spend a total of 5 days with James Fitzgerald and some of his colleagues. Five days of pure learning and reaching. We reached beyond what we knew, or even what we thought we knew. We listened and learned from some of the best minds in our field and put our heads together with colleagues from around the globe.

Can you spot Kyle?

Can you spot Kyle?

We finished our experiences with more knowledge, more drive, and more focus for the business and the people we interact with each day. I left with a thirst for more and an intense desire to better myself and continue to learn. I sent a text message to Kyle at one point, “All of this just makes me want to be better”. At that moment, and still to this moment, I want to be a better coach, a better athlete, a better mentor…daughter…girlfriend…student. Each day I strive to inspire people. It was great to have the roles reversed and to have the experience of being inspired. To be the best you have to learn from the best!

Can you spot Ashley?

Can you spot Ashley?

I cannot wait for the next opportunity I have to reach outside of my comfort zone and to truly be inspired and learn so much. I’m sure it won’t be too far down the road. In fact, I learn a lot every single day when I work with people. By noticing what is going on around me I am learning and thinking of ways to be better. That is something that we can all do. Next time you’re out and about try to actually notice what is going on around you. How are people moving around a space? What are they saying, or not saying? What is their body language like? You can learn a lot from noticing. Next time you are with someone make sure you are actually listening when they speak so that you are truly hearing what they are saying. How many times have you left a conversation and forgotten details or even forgotten the entire conversation? It’s little things like this that make us better people – people that others seek out an want to be around.

Getting there, slowly…but surely. Cheers!


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