I have succumbed to yet another cold. First it was a sinus infection that lingered forevveerrr. This time around feels like the classic common cold. What gives?! I supposedly take good care of myself. I sleep well, exercise, eat better than most, and drink lots of water. Or do I? I’ve been evaluating what’s really, truly happening day-to-day. Here’s what really going on.

Strike 1. Before the holidays I was super-stressed. I don’t know why but I just had a lot of anxiety. So much so that I lost my appetite for a while. This is very rare for me. Since then I have been eating much better, thankfully. During the holidays I also ate a lot more sugar than usual. Alcohol intake was way up, water intake was way down.

Strike 2. Although I sleep at least 8 hours most nights, last weekend the Patriots played a late game and I was up until almost 1 in the morning. Awesome win, bummer for the internal clock. This was probably enough to lower my immunity.

Strike 3. Although I consider my life low-stress, it’s really not the case. When I workout, which is almost every day, that puts stress on my body. Leading 2-4 busy CrossFit classes every day is also high-energy. It’s not your typical “this-is-stressful” scenario, but the body doesn’t really know the emotional difference, it only knows the physiological response. Busy lifestyles are full of stressors.

So, now that I struck out and got taken down by another cold, I need to start thinking about taking care of myself. Sleep is an easy fix for me. I just go to bed earlier. Thankfully I have the luxury of doing that. I have cut way back on the sugar and booze since the holidays and upped the water intake. The stress is where I am going to struggle. Maybe sleeping more will make up for a busy daily lifestyle the stresses out my body? Also known as recovery.

For now I am going to keep eating oranges, drinking water, and resting on the couch.

Anyone know of any great cold remedies? Post them here or on Facebook!

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