Partner Workouts

“Let’s go ________ (insert partner’s name here), you got this!” You yell as your partner picks up the barbell; dripping sweat, red in the face, fighting for breath. You’re still trying to catch your breath and you know that as soon as he finishes his reps, you’re up. During partner workouts you only get to rest as long as your partner is working. You push yourself harder than ever, that person is relying on you.

You fight hard together, working through the burning lungs and fatiguing muscles. When things get tough your partner picks up where you left off and makes up for weaknesses you might have. You support each other.

It’s inspiring to watch people work together in the gym. Sometimes they are best buddies, or husband and wife, or they’re just meeting for the first time. The same thing always happens though, each partner does the best she or he can and encourages the other to do the same. 
 At the end of the workout, you both know you did your best. You also learn a lot about working with another person; the strategy involved, where you could have done better, and how much harder you work when someone is depending on you. 
And at the end of it all, you might just end up being someone’s super hero.
Photos courtesy of Journal Menu and Jordan Samuel Photography. 

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