Come and Meet My Team

The 2013 CrossFit Games Open is upon us. I’m psyched. I participated in the Open last year. It was a lot of fun. In CrossFit there is always a feeling of camaraderie and that feeling is amplified during the Open. At The Fort CrossFit, on a daily basis, someone achieves something that he or she thought was impossible. In the CrossFit Open it’s no different. If you are competing this year you will do something you thought you couldn’t do. Whether it’s a new personal record or simply the fact that you’re competing in a CrossFit competition, you should be very proud.

We have around 50 athletes from The Fort signed up for the Open this year (Our Affiliate Roster). I think we had 12 last year. I am amazed by the amount of dedication and growth I’ve seen over the past year. I’ve experience it personally, but seeing it happen throughout the gym has been even more incredible. Since last year’s Open we doubled the size of our physical space (who remembers the little gym!?) and we’ve grown our membership even more. There is serious competition in the gym and people are stronger, faster, and just better all around; our community is stronger than ever.

Back then this was a busy night.
I am thrilled to be competing alongside all of you in the festivities this year. We have people on the team who have been CrossFitting for years and we have people on the team who have been CrossFitting for months. The best part is that no matter how experienced you are as an athlete, the Open WODs will kick your ass. I am so proud to call this gym home and to have you all as my friends. Get out there, go hard, leave it all on the rubber mats, and have fun doing it. 
What a difference a year makes. These guys have come a long way.

I’d love to hear about the reasons you decided to sign up for the Open this year. Post comments here or on Facebook.

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