Keeping it Paleo on the Road

So this is pretty exciting. Tim Archer, a long-time member at The Fort CrossFit, messaged me a while back with a great idea for a blog post. He’d gone into a lot of detail in his message, so I asked him to beef it up and told him I would post his write-up. Tim’s a great guy; husband, dad, athlete, and Paleo-enthusiast. With that, I would like to introduce guest author Tim Archer… 
Anyone that has chosen the paleo lifestyle will tell you that it’s challenging at times but a little pre-planning goes a long way. That being said, over the past few months I have run into a few people that have said “I can’t eat paleo when I’m driving for work. You can’t really eat a salad and drive.” I am one of those people that have to drive more than my fair share for work and I realize that not everyone has a conventional job where they sit at a desk and can hit the break room for lunch everyday. Having to drive during lunch times usually results in the not-so-safe practice of eating and driving. Here is what I have found helpful when trying to keep it paleo while not slowing you down:
Let’s start easy and simple…fruits and veggies. Most of them are ready to eat (once you wash it and maybe peel it). Not a whole lotta prep there.
A staple for anyone on the go should be a good trail mix. None of that store bought crap with the chocolate chips, but a good homemade one. Before you leave you should make sure you have wallet, keys, cell phone and trail mix. Easy to make, easy to eat and easy to take especially if you portion it out into zip lock bags while you make it.
If you’re not into making your own trail mix but want something quick then check out Steve’s Original Paleo Kits. They are awesome. The jerky tastes great and there is enough protein there to help fill you up. No need to heat or refrigerate. Sounds easy and it is.
If you want to get creative then sandwiches are always a good idea. No, not with bread, but with Boston lettuce. A couple cold cuts and veggies with some guac inside, then wrap it up in the lettuce…mmmm good times.
One of the things that I make every week is mini quiches. I know I just handed in my man card by using the term quiche. What if I called them egg muffins? Not any better huh…oh well, I tried. Cut up some ham and veggies put them in a muffin tray then fill the remainder with scrambled eggs with a little splash of coconut milk to keep them fluffy. Man, using terms like “fluffy” aren’t really helping the man card situation, but you get the idea, instant to-go breakfast that you can eat cold. And speaking of eggs the always trusted hard boiled egg works too. Just peel them the night before so there is one less step.
Taking left-overs from the night before is a good way to save time and money but the problem is trying to get them warm. I like to call this the Macgyver. The most effective way to get your left-overs warm-ish is while you are driving leave the container on the dash out of the way but over a vent. Crank the defroster which will get it to a tolerable level. If the sun is out then it will help out. Not pretty, but it works. Then when you stop to take a break you can eat decent food.
Lastly, a few paleo treats or a Larabar can work too. Yes, a paleo treat is still a treat, but it is way better than a Big Mac or anything else from the dollar menu. The treats will also result in fewer pit stops on the way home too.
With these options, and I’m sure there are a bunch more, anyone on the go should be able to eat paleo with just a little bit of pre-planning.
Thanks for writing this, Tim. There are some awesome ideas here. The Macyver is definitely my favorite – very creative. I agree 100% that you must be prepared in order to remain successful when eating whole, clean foods. Most do not come in a package and they are certainly not convenient. With some planning and prep-time, you will be on the road to success, paleo meals and snacks in tow. 

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