Challenge Thoughts

This post is going to be a little bit rant-ish. I have a few things I want to address:

1) A challenge is called a challenge for good reason…
All 45 of us probably questioned our ability to successfully complete a 9-week Paleo challenge. I don’t know all of the reasons for why folks chose to sign up, but I know why I signed up. I signed up because I had a summer full of booze and foods that do not help performance or body composition. All summer I felt guilty about food choices I was making. I chose to ignore the voices in my head because summer is precious to me and I wanted to have fun. I don’t regret any of the choices I made food-wise. But now that fall is upon us it’s time to detox. Nine weeks is a great amount of time to make some serious changes. At this point I know that I have a long winter of CrossFitting ahead of me. I want to be the best coach I can be; I need to practice what I preach and be the example for the awesome people I work with everyday. It’s simple: do or do not. I am choosing do.

Yes, there are going to be hard days. Believe me, if I could eat 4 paleo muffins every day I would. Just because it’s made with Paleo ingredients does not make it okay to eat all the fracking time. A muffin is still a muffin. Our bodies gravitate to fatty and sweet foods. So when we mix a shit load of ground nuts (fat) with a “natural” sweetener (sugar!) we have created the perfect storm for fueling our evolutionary instinct. When I eat a muffin I want another muffin. Soon I am in a muffin-coma and I wonder why I can’t lose body fat! Hmmmmm. I am not a detective, but I can probably make an educated guess.

2) Don’t stess, just do.
Stress is terrible for our bodies. A Paleo challenge takes us away from foods that put stress on our insides. When we are less stressed by our food, we are less stressed in general. We are even better off if we can fight to alleviate other stressors in our lives. Easier said than done, I know. Some of you have expressed to me that you are nervous (stress) about the challenge. I know that when others were signing themselves up there was a lot of peer pressure flying around. Please know that if there wasn’t something inside of you the KNEW YOU COULD DO THIS you would not have signed up! YOU CAN DO THIS! Stop shitting your pants about how hard this is going to be and eat your meat and vegetables. Try your absolute hardest in WODs and leave it all on the rubber mats. Call me if you need a pep-talk.

3) You are stronger than shitty food.
You mind if more powerful than you know. You have the power to to say, “No, thank you” when someone offers your some cheese and crackers or a Big and Toasted from Dunks. You can silently (or loudly depending upon where you are) tell grains, dairy, legumes, and sugar to f*ck off whenever you see them or they happen to temp you. As you walk around the grocery store you have permission to completely avoid the inner aisles. You shouldn’t need much down there, anyway. If you avoid looking at it you won’t be likely to buy it. If you need to be a bitch because you are withdrawing from sugar, then be a bitch, but don’t eat the sugar! Believe me, after 2-3 weeks without non-Paleo foods you won’t really care about them anymore. Stay committed to the reasons you signed up for the challenge. Even if you clicked the button because “everyone else was doing it” you need to stay with it. You paid the $50 bucks. Follow through and be stronger than the shitty food.

I love you all.

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