LuRong Paleo Challenge

Two weeks ago when I signed up for the LuRong Paleo Challenge I thought for sure I was going to be the only one from our affiliate participating. In hindsight I have no idea why I thought this. We have the most amazing community of people; we care about our health, we are fit, we want to be better, and more importantly, we care about each other. We have over 40 Fort Monsters competing in this 9-week challenge and I could not be more proud. People are going to make serious changes over the next two months. 

Each time I participate in a 30-day Paleo Challenge I feel amazing and see improvements in my performance and appearance and I always think, I wish I could keep going. The LuRong Challenge is the perfect opportunity to take things to the next level. I have been living the CrossFit/Paleo lifestyle for quite a while now and the thing I have realized is that I am a work in progress. Living in such a way that does not conform with the majority of society is challenging, but once you’ve been at it for long enough it becomes your “normal”. Normal is simply what you are used to. So I figure that the strictness of this challenge will become normal after a couple weeks. Breaking habits and changing behavior is one of the most difficult things to do in life. If we can successfully alter the way we behave and maintain that change we have set ourselves above others who say they want to change but never actually do anything; never actually put the work into making positive change. We have taken ourselves to a higher level.
Over the next couple months there will be ups and downs. There will be times when we feel weak and other times when we want to crush shit. No matter how we feel we can take comfort in knowing that there are 40 other people potentially feeling the same way. In those moments of weakness we can call upon our friends to build us up and inspire us to be better no matter how crappy we might be feeling. Sometimes we rely on others to take us to a higher level. 
Don’t get freaked out by the length of the challenge; don’t get down because you are in “scaled” and not “rx’d”; don’t think about the what-ifs. Envision your goals and what it will feel like to accomplish those goals over the next 9 weeks. Take this one day, or even one meal, at a time. YOU CAN DO THIS. WE CAN DO THIS. WE ARE CROSSFIT. WE ARE THE FORT CROSSFIT.

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