find YOUR balance

I have always, always been intrigued by the concept of balance; this notion that everything in my life can perfectly teeter on a little fulcrum. Maybe this has something to do with being a Libra? (You know, the scales). I believe balance is different for everyone. And I think for a while I was confusing balance and moderation. I believe everyone needs balance, but the same may not be true for moderation. I have struggled with this forever. For example, you’ve all heard the saying, “Everything in moderation”. Well, just like you, I’d been trying to follow this mantra for years; trying to do it all and do it well; trying to justify problematic eating habits and behavior; trying to reconcile my inability to “control myself”. Everything in moderation, right? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that this saying was not a good one for me to be following. I was not meant to balance everything out evenly. For example, I am not a person who can eat one cookie and save the others for another day and I totally envy people who can do this. I guess I am a carb (sugar) addict; “cake is the new crack” according to this article posted on Robb Wolf’s site. I know that I am happier, I feel more grounded, and more in control when I don’t think in terms of moderation. So, not having too much moderation is my balance. The point is, stop and take a moment to think about all these little mantras that we follow in life because we’re told they’re “right” or we think it’s what we “should” be doing. Figure out what works for you and do that. Find your balance.
Phew! That was kind of serious. Here, let me introduce you to my favorite cookie. My strategy for enjoying “treats” like this is to make them exactly that, TREATS! I typically will bake on a weekend when I know other people will be around to share the goodness. I try to enjoy the process of making the cookies, and savor each bite when I eat a few. Enjoy!
gluten free vegan chocolate chip cookies

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