Arm Pit Update

A while back I posted about how I bought two types of “natural” deodorant. I’ve been using both of them. If you missed the original post, here’s the link…Chemical-Free Pits. So the first test for the Crystal Essence was an all-day CrossFit competition. That day, I participated in four workouts and did quite a but of sweating. I applied the roll-on liquid about four times. It didn’t keep my armpits dry, but it kept the body odor at bay. I’ve been reading up about what conventional deodorant actually does and how it works. It turns out that the aluminum in most antiperspirant is meant to clog the sweat ducts in your armpits. Voila! Less sweat. While a definitive link between cancer and aluminum has not been discovered, there is concern about aluminum’s effect on health. The thought of my armpits being clogged up by aluminum and other junk is just not cool.

On a daily basis I have been using the GeoDeo. I apply it a couple times each day. Like the other one, it doesn’t prevent wetness, but it has a fresh scent and it seems to keep body odor at bay. My armpits have definitely gone through a detox. I think that changing up the deodorant routine is something that you have to be committed to. I’ve tried to do it before, but was never committed to making the change. My armpits used to always be very bumpy and dry. Now the skin of my underarms is very smooth and it actually looks like skin, not a chicken with all its feathers plucked. I’ve been a bit sweatier than usual, but that is normal and to be expected since I’m no longer clogging my pits with junk. Luckily, I’m not really concerned about some pit stains since I work in a gym where sweating is the norm. I could see where this could be uncomfortable if you had a job public speaking or something like that. But sweating is normal, and natural, and it’s a process that helps us to rid our bodies of toxins. So, sweat on with your bad self.

For now I am going to continue on with my deodorant detox and see what happens.

Since I’m not going to post photos of my armpits (sorry), here are some winter pics. 
I’m in the mood for snow!
 My back yard.
 Lake Sunapee from Mt. Sunapee. One of my favorite views.
 View from the top lodge at Okemo.
Okemo. Maybe the last time I skied?

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