What Keeps You Coming Back?

Have you been an exerciser your whole life? Yes? That’s awesome. No? Why not? Have you recently started an exercise program? How is it going? What made you decide to embark on this journey? What makes you stick to it?

I have been around physical activity, exercise, movement, whatever you want to call it, for a long time.
People list many reasons for being active and continuing with an exercise routine. I have narrowed it down to the big four: 1) Enjoyment, 2) Accountability, 3) Social Connection, and 4) Results. Personally, the combination of all of these reasons is why I continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. These four categories can also be applied to nutrition.

Enjoyment. Whatever you do, you need to enjoy it. If something’s not fun, or at least part-way enjoyable, how the heck will you ever keep it as part of your life? Whether you enjoy “getting your sweat on” or being in nature, or competing with friends, find something you like and do it…continuously. I like the brand Life is Good because of their motto, “Do what you like, like what you do.”

Worked out all day. Maybe a bit delirious. Enjoyed it. Friends help. 

Accountability. Knowing that someone is expecting you to be somewhere at a certain time is enough reason for most people to show up. If being accountable works for you ask someone to be your training partner. Text or call them to let them know when you are going to work out so they can expect to see you there. The support you get from others can be critical to sticking to a routine, especially if it’s new and you are trying to change your habits.

Your trainers and workout buddies notice when you’ve missed class!

Social Connection. In addition to knowing that your trainer, coach, or buddies will be waiting for you, the social connections you make can keep you coming back for more. Who doesn’t want to be with a bunch of cool people? Those who suffer together stay together. Although I do not believe that exercise if suffering, it can be uncomfortable. Sharing these experiences with others is very gratifying. This is why many people express that they never work as hard when they exercise alone as they do when they are with others.

Results. Better health, looking better, feeling better. I have never met anyone who doesn’t agree that looking better makes you feel better. Who doesn’t want to look #haught in a bathing suit?!?! Lower blood pressure, smaller pants, before and after photos that make jaws drop – evidence of hard work that you should be very proud of. This would keep me coming through the door.

Check out this video of our very own Matt Nguyen as he “gets abs”. 
Working hard in the gym and eating meat and vegetables. #MGA

What inspires you to get up in the morning and make the decision to be active and eat good food? Is it one of the four reasons I’ve listed above? A combination? Another reason all together? Post comments here or on Facebook.

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