Heading into Competition Week

This weekend, November 10th and 11th is the Garage Games at CrossFit Southie. You can check out the 5 WODs I will be doing HERE. Looks fun, right!? I’m pretty excited. This week I have a few things to focus on…

  1. Hydrating. We don’t hydrate for today, we hydrate for tomorrow. That means I must resist drinking more coffee than water during the day. Coffee is delicious and tempting, but it’s clearly not good for staying hydrated or falling asleep at night. 
  2. Sleep. I will be in bed at a decent hour this week, preferably before 10pm. If I can do this and then sleep until 6am each day, I’ll be good to go. 
  3. Mobility. If I neglect my mobility this week, I will be in trouble. Shoulders and hips are the priority. My left hip and shoulder have been feeling slightly off these days.
  4. Getting my mind right. I have been struggling with this lately. I get defeated easily and when it comes to competition, this cannot happen. There will always be someone better than me, and in this case, there will be many people who are better than me. I’m still thinking about how I will do this…suggestions are welcomed. I guess it might be good to just keep believing that I will do the best I can. As an athlete you cannot rush the process, if you want to be better you just have to keep working hard.

My fellow Fort Monsters, Dana and Jameson, will be there competing as well. It’s always nice to have others in the competition to feel your pain and help you create a strategy for the WODs. All Fort Monsters are welcomed and encouraged to take a trip down to CF Southie to watch our gym’s competitors and also some of the best athletes from the region. Competitions are always a good time. Carpool if you can, parking is tight down there. Reminder: NO Saturday classes at The Fort on 11/10.

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