The Dog Days…

Hi All! I apologize for my brief hiatus from blogging. It’s been a busy summer and my schedule doesn’t seem to be clearing up at all. I’ve been having trouble gathering my thoughts for a cohesive post, so I’ve just chosen to not write anything…until now. I miss it. I hope you miss it, too!

Take some time to chill out!

These are some things I’ve done to make my summer great. I hope you do the same. 

1. Drink Plenty of Fluids
After the past few weeks of hot, humid weather it was clear that drinking enough fluids needs to be high on everyone’s to-do list. My recommendations are straight up H2O and coconut water. You should be taking in one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. So that means if I weigh 150 lbs. I need to drink at least 150 oz. of water. If we are CrossFitters or active in any way we need more than that amount. Additionally, those of us who consume caffeine need even more. Being just slightly dehydrated can affect the body and our performance negatively. So, drink up!

2. Relax
Summer is a great time for filling the calendar with fun things but it’s also perfect for rest and relaxation. Allow yourself some down-time. Sit in a lounge chair, sip a cool beverage, and read a book. Enjoy the quiet time and chisel out a portion of your day so that you actually get some quiet time.

3. Go Outside
For me, getting outside goes hand-in-hand with relaxing. Most things I do outside (maybe not WODing) are relaxing. Some of my favorites are sitting on my back porch for lunch, taking a hike in the town forest, and boating on Lake Sunapee.

4. Enjoy Fresh, Local, Seasonal Foods
This is the best time of year in New England to enjoy fresh-from-the-garden produce. Stop at roadside farm stands and take advantage of the surplus of veggies and fruits that are at their peak. Create new meals using these tasty foods and be grateful for the nutrition they provide our bodies. My favorites this season have been cucumbers and blueberries.

Summer goes quickly, so ENJOY it!

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