My Gym is Different

Last Friday night, June 8th, we hosted Spring Fling at The Fort CrossFit. Kyle and I planned the event to celebrate the warmer months finally being here, the expansion of the box, and the end of our most successful Paleo Challenge yet. I was excited for the party, but the energy I felt that night brought the emotion to a whole other level.

The night started off slowly, but as people began to arrive the momentum built. By the time I got to do the WOD, appropriately named, “Spring Fling”, there was a full-on cheering section of parents, kids, and other Fort Monsters. As a did my burpees, thrusters, box jumps, kettbell swings, and walking lunges I was energized by the people around me. Not only does our community come together for fun times, we rally around others while they are digging deep in workouts (not-so-fun times!).

The best part was when Joel showed up. He was prepared to do the WOD alone, but instead a group of people who had already worked out decided to each do one of the movements alongside Joel. The atmosphere was electric and I could see on Joel’s face that he was pushing harder than he would have had he gone solo. It was an epic moment that made me proud to be a part of something that is so special.

Meesh, Jill, JP, and Joel swing kettlebells

On the night of Spring Fling some of us were sweaty and in our WOD clothes; some were dressed up; some of us were young; some of us were older; some of us were new to CrossFit; some of us have been around for a while; some of us had just finished the Paleo Challenge; some of us were inspired to participate in the next one; some of us were with our children; some of us were in awe of the amazing CrossFitting parents whose energy and commitment to health shows in their kids. We were well-fed, happy, and content. Where else do you find this?

When I looked around The Fort I was reminded that my gym is different than any other place I’ve been. We are truly a family; a community of people who are committed to a lifestyle that makes us better. I’m not sure why someone would not want to be a part of this, and I probably will never understand why. But that’s okay; the path is laid out in front of me and I’m never going back. This sport and this community have saved me from being trapped in a life that I did not want. Life is about surrounding yourself with people who positively affect you; our social interactions are what hold us together and keep us sustained. I feel blessed to wake up each day and do work that doesn’t feel like a “job”. I get energy from each person who walks through the doors at The Fort and value the relationships that I’ve made over the past year of being here. I cannot wait to see the progress of everyone who calls The Fort their home.

Kids’ WOD at Spring Fling!

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